Ring it Up has the ability track the ebb and flow of your inventory by leveraging two different types of transaction tickets and an inventory starting point known as the “initial Qty” which is captured when the products are first added to your catalog of goods and services.

Initial Qty:

When adding tangible goods to your catalog for the first time, an “initial qty” field is provided which will allow you to record how much inventory you currently have on hand at that moment in time.  This “initial qty” field acts as the starting port for your Qty in Stock value.  Take care to ensure your initial qty is accurate as all inventory calculations are based on this starting value.

Sales Ticket:

A sales ticket is used to sell merchandise or services to a customer and will reduce the quantity of any goods included on that ticket by the amount that was sold.  The quantity in stock of that item will automatically adjust at the time the product is added to the sales ticket.

Purchase Order or PO:

A PO ticket is used to purchase merchandise from your suppliers.  The PO ticket should only be used when purchasing good which will later be resold to your customers.  Any other expenses that your business might incur should be recorded as an expense in the expense view instead of creating a PO ticket.  When goods are added to a PO ticket, the current quantity in stock will remain unchanged until those products are marked as received.  This will allow you to place your order with your supplier and later when those products arrive, you can then go back to the originating PO ticket, mark them as received and your quantity in stock will then increase accordingly.


A Quote ticket is used to provide a potential customer with an estimate for the goods and services they are contemplating a purchase of.  Quote tickets do not affect inventory levels in any way until they are converted to a sales ticket.  To convert a quote to sale, there is a button on the  transaction which lists out the type of ticket it is along with the ticket number.  Tap that button and toggle the Sales/Quote button to the Sale option and once this setting is saved, the inventory levels of the products listed on the newly converted sales ticket will automatically adjust to their new levels.