Ring it Up has the ability to work hand in hand with several 3rd Party Credit Card Processing apps.  This integration will save you time when ringing up your customer’s sale because it will eliminate the need to type a customer’s contact information more than once.  Because Ring it Up already has the ability to collect and store your customer’s contact information, Ring it Up shares that information along with a few other transaction details, such as the charge amount, with the credit card processing apps which negates the need to enter that information again while using the credit card processing application.  Once the transaction has been completed, the credit card apps will then return you right back to Ring it Up which in turn will record the payment and add a note with a few details about the transaction status.

Compatible Applications:

Pingysoft does not endorse any one particular credit card processing app over another.  Each app has it’s own merits and feature sets so you should investigate each one and select the one that best suits your needs.  The reader should not infer any preference based on the order in which they appear in this document as the apps are being listed in the order that Ring it Up added support for that specific application.

 Enabling Credit Card App Integration:

  1. Navigate to the Settings view.
  2. Tap the row Labeled “Financial Settings”.
  3. At the bottom of the first section, tap the row labeled “Credit Card App?”.
  4. Select the app you would like Ring it Up to integrate with and tap “Save”.
  5. In your Main transaction ticket view, tapping the button resembling a credit card located at the top of the screen will set the credit card payment process in motion for any transaction ticket.  On the iPhone or iPod touch, this button is located at the top of the sales detail screen, on the iPad, this button is located on the payment view.