Ring it Up allows a certain amount of user interface customization which includes the ability to enable or disable certain field types on the transaction view such as shipping, gratuities, other charges, or allows the option to hide out of stock products or sort the shopping cart on the ticket.

Transaction View Customizations

To customize these settings, navigate to the Settings screen, then select the “Financial settings” option.  Scroll the view to the bottom and look for a section titled “Ticket View Options.”  Browse the options and make selections appropriate for your business.

*A word of caution* If a field is disabled, it will be hidden on the transaction view but any values previously entered into those fields will still be used for calculations so take care not to set values in those fields only to hide them later as the calculations on the ticket might not make sense otherwise.

Color Scheme Customization

To change the default color scheme of the user interface (iPad version only), navigate to the Settings screen and tap the “UI Color Scheme” option at the very bottom of the main settings view.  Tap the buttons or corresponding user interface elements which begin with the word “Set’ to bring up a color picker view.  Adjust the color of that corresponding UI element by moving your finger around inside the color picker view until your preferred color is displayed.  Once finished with all of your color customizations, tap the save button and restart the app to activate your new Color scheme selection.